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Currently there are 52 screenplays submitted to 50 Kisses

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The Team

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Chris Jones // Director

Create50 founder, author, filmmaker and directors of LondonSWF and TEDxEaling

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Judy Goldberg // Co-ordination

Leading the kick ass physical and logistics support team


Screenplays beginning with the letter U

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UNDER THE TABLE Draft 3 by Luke Ackroyd written for The Impact:50 // A couple's child has the perfect plan to survive the impact.

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UNTIL DEATH DO US PART Draft 3 by Sarah Newman written for The Impact:50 // A bride and groom share a moment with their loved ones as they rush to wed before the end.

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Uh! Kitty! Draft 1 by Rona Walter written for Twisted50 vol 2 // A lonely woman tthinks a pet will help her manage her violent past.

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Ultimate Cosplay Draft 3 by Bob Eckhard written for The Impact:50 // When there's only one thing left to do.

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Ultimate Value(s) Draft 1 by Chris Hulme written for The Impact:50 // A couple's materialism is gone with the wind

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Ultrasound Draft 2 by Annabel Wigoder written for The Impact:50 // Olivia wants to see her baby. Her doctor just wants to get home...

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Unannounced Draft 1 by Laura Villegas written for Twisted50 // An artist dies in misterious conditions and her ex lover is willing to do everything to find the truth of her death.

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Unbearable Draft 1 by Nick Luddington written for 50 Kisses // Two cuddly toy bears bare the brunt of a relationship break up when the couple that own them split.

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Uncanny Valley Draft 4 by Michelle Hood written for Singularity 50 // uncanny valley

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Unchained Draft 3 by Andrea Siligardi written for The Impact:50 // The kidnapper of a young woman ties up loose ends before the armageddon.

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Undergrowth Draft 4 by Sheila McGill written for Twisted50 // Everyday ordinary people do ordinary things and every now and again something stirs power from within...

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Undisturbed Draft 2 by Paul Spencer written for Twisted50 // The Church of All Hallows was long gone - but the headstones remained. Somewhere among them, he had to find the Nicholson descendants...

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Unfinished Business Draft 1 by Ed Redgrave written for The Impact:50 // A man sets out to finally win a bet that he welched on back in school.

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Unfinished Business Draft 3 by Helga Hopkins written for Twisted50 // A ghost cat returns to settle a score.

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Unforgettable Draft 6 by Paul Green written for Twisted50 vol 2 // Your cheating heart will telll on you.

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Unhappy Anniversary Draft 1 by Mandi S Lockley written for Twisted50 vol 2 // Marriage is a pain in the neck

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Uninvited Draft 1 by Bindiya Jay written for Twisted50 // Expect to make a new friend or two when you play with the Occult. Alex had good intentions but then he made one fatal mistake.

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Unique Draft 2 by Rachael Howard written for Singularity 50 // Is perfection the same as beauty.

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Unity Draft 3 by Luis Nieto written for The Impact:50 // We are the Universe.

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Unkillable Draft 2 by Stuart White written for Twisted50 // ........I am the parasite, you are the host.

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Unlucky Draft 4 by Jane Hamer written for The Impact:50 // Two strangers, unaware of the impact cross paths resulting in a dark outcome.

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Unlucky Draft 1 by Steve Sasaki written for The Impact:50 // The ultimate high, taken away.

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Unplugged Draft 3 by Victoria and Amy Howell written for The Impact:50 // A group of friends take a holiday, not realising it will be their last

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Unsinkable Draft 2 by Ruth Frost written for The Impact:50 // What if your fellow passengers on a routine journey were the last people you would ever see?

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Up Loads Draft 2 by Dominic Brownrigg written for The Impact:50 // It's never too late.

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Up, Up, and Away Draft 3 by Scott Merrow written for The Impact:50 // A man plans to survive the end of the world with some helium balloons and a lawn chair.

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Update Draft 2 by Jonathan Howard written for The Impact:50 // The homeless man who cried nigh.

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Urge Draft 3 by Phil Town written for Twisted50 vol 2 // Ever get the urge to kill someone?

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Us Draft 6 by Su Hoyle written for Twisted50 // The 11th Commandment: Thou Shalt Leave the Hidden Hid

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Usman Akram Draft 2 by Usman Akram written for Twisted50 // A child reminisces about a past experience. Was he the only one experiencing it?