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Currently there are 52 screenplays submitted to 50 Kisses

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The Team

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Chris Jones // Director

Create50 founder, author, filmmaker and directors of LondonSWF and TEDxEaling

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Judy Goldberg // Co-ordination

Leading the kick ass physical and logistics support team


Screenplays beginning with the letter K

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KAT Draft 1 by Hannah Tahry written for The Impact:50 // Leukemia-stricken Kat encounters an epiphany.

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KNIGHT VALIANT Draft 2 by Milethia Thomas written for 50 Moments // Age is no barrier to wanting to right a wrong.

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KT-1887 Turn Up Draft 3 by Natalie Storey written for The Impact:50 // Two surfers and a... merman drink to the end of times in their favourite place in the world.

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Karina (A Silver Load Story) Draft 4 by Steve Pool written for Twisted50 // Karina becomes friends with a famous bronze sculpture in the Metropolitan Museum in New York City. She didn't know that this was a bad idea.

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Katie's Dream Draft 2 by Bren Littlewood written for The Impact:50 // It takes the end of the world for Katie's dream to become reality.

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Keep 'em watching Draft 1 by Ben Lacey written for The Impact:50 // The World's governments share all their secrets in an attempt to contain the chaos.

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Keep The Faith Draft 1 by Nikolai Galitzine written for The Impact:50 // Two religious leaders struggle with the last words.

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Keeping a Head Draft 2 by Jonah Jones written for Twisted50 // How long before a head dies?

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Kierra Outruns The Dead Draft 1 by Diann Beck written for Twisted50 // A dog learns firsthand what happens to those unable to outrun the dead.

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Kill Your Darling. Draft 4 by Paul Kemp written for The Impact:50 // Preston may have kidnapped his love, but can he earn her forgiveness?

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Killer Art Draft 2 by Paula Lewis written for Twisted50 vol 2 // There's a reason why this artist doesn't sign his work - he has a talent to die for.

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Killer Heels Draft 4 by Sasha Black written for Twisted50 // How far will one girl go to wear those six inch stilleto heels?

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Killing Her Little Darling Draft 5 by Merlin Ward written for Twisted50 // Nice guys come last. He was a nice guy.

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Killing In The Name of Fun Draft 4 by Fergus Dennehy written for Twisted50 // Some people kill out of necessity, he does it for the thrill.

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King for a Day Draft 1 by Paul Allen written for The Impact:50 // His moment of crowning glory comes a little too late for one famous man

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Kiss Chase Draft 1 by Adele Coburn written for Twisted50 // Not all kids games are harmless

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Kisses from Jessica Draft 1 by Jess Smith written for 50 Kisses // A hooker saves Valentines Night for her favourite client…at least he thinks he is.

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Kitten's Collar Draft 3 by Rachel Yelding written for The Impact:50 // A long distance Master and submissive spend their last minutes together.

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Knock Knock Draft 3 by David Wigram written for The Impact:50 // Selling God door-to-door is a thankless task. Normally.

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Knucklebone Blues Draft 4 by Matt George Lovett written for Twisted50 vol 2 // 'I'm The Ragged Vagabond with heaven in my veins. So seek the truth in knucklebones and lay me in my grave.'

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Kule for Katz (formerly Kool for Katz) Draft 3 by Stuart White written for The Impact:50 // He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy!