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Currently there are 52 screenplays submitted to 50 Kisses

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The Team

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Chris Jones // Director

Create50 founder, author, filmmaker and directors of LondonSWF and TEDxEaling

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Judy Goldberg // Co-ordination

Leading the kick ass physical and logistics support team


Screenplays beginning with the letter I

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I Draft 3 by Philip Trickett written for Twisted50 vol 2 // Writer's block turn's to writer's shock.

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I Believe I Can Fly Draft 3 by Tracey Parsons written for The Impact:50 // A base-jumper follows the one he loves over the edge.

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I CAUSED THE WORLD TO END Draft 2 by Keith Soforic written for The Impact:50 // A little girl may be to blame for causing the World to end.

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I Deserve To Die Draft 4 by Ben Tobin written for The Impact:50 // A husband concocts outrageous reasons to convince his wife he deserves to die.

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I Feel Fine Draft 2 by Natalie Barthel written for The Impact:50 // Two sisters say goodbye half the way around the world from each other.

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b

I Feel Fine Draft 1 by Dane Lowrie written for The Impact:50 // A storekeeper teaches a young man it’s best to look forward when you can't look back.

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I Get No Kick from Sham Pain Draft 1 by Stuart White written for The Impact:50 // The malady malingers on.

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I Have Had It Draft 1 by Oscar Harding written for The Impact:50 // Finally telling her husband the truth, an unhappy wife’s triumphant speech doesn’t go as planned.

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I Love What You Did With The Flowers Draft 3 by Richard Paul Wheildon written for The Impact:50 // Sometimes it takes more than your faith in God to meet your maker.

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I Love You Draft 3 by Andrew Viner written for The Impact:50 // A telephone engineer works valiantly so that people can still call each other with messages of love. But is there one for him?

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I Love You Jean Benedict Draft 1 by Janice Sampson written for The Impact:50 // Stop cleaning Jean

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I Met My Own Ghost Draft 1 by Scott Merrow written for Twisted50 vol 2 // On a dark and dreary night, a man confronts an intruder in his home and discovers he has a very familiar face. And he’s transparent!

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I Never Learned To Swim Draft 4 by Dee Chilton written for The Impact:50 // A doctor acts on his belief that his patient should die without any regrets.

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I Shall See Space Draft 1 by Michael Barry written for The Impact:50 // There's no point in going into space if the world is about to end, is there?

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I Spy Draft 3 by Geoff Stillwell written for The Impact:50 // An old spy confronts his friend in a final search for truth.

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I Told You So Draft 3 by Paul Williams written for The Impact:50 // The end of the world through the eyes of an adolescent boy.

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I Told You So Draft 2 by Su Hoyle written for The Impact:50 // If they're your last words, you gotta make 'em count.

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I WILL GUIDE YOU HOME Draft 3 by elizabeth strachan written for The Impact:50 // Two loyal friends search for their way home against the tide of time.

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I Want To See Draft 4 by Ian Eadon-Davies written for The Impact:50 // The last thing Tildie wants is to watch her special daughter die. Charlotte grants her wish.

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I Will Die Someday Draft 2 by Lisa Reily written for The Impact:50 // A woman learns to love life, and accept death.

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I am a Master of the Universe Draft 3 by Kerry Dye written for The Impact:50 // In a parking garage, kindness and callousness.

Normal 03 03 2004 02 16 56pm

I can't feel anything Draft 1 by Jane Lamacraft written for The Impact:50 // Weirdest love triangle ever

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I made a rocket ship Draft 3 by Rebecca Handley written for The Impact:50 // A child reminds a family what's important

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I pray the Lord my soul to take Draft 3 by Christine Barton written for The Impact:50 // Desperate to spend the last minutes with her loved one, a girl breaks into her boyfriend's house...

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I run therefore I am Draft 1 by Mark Pallis written for The Impact:50 // A runner runs

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I told you so (Calendar Girl) Draft 2 by Marianne Bonugli written for The Impact:50 // For Ellie, it’s just another normal day

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I'll Ride With You Draft 2 by Fiona Hunnisett written for 50 Moments // When a young muslim woman's train journey turns nasty, sisterly solidarity comes to her aid.

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I'll Stand by You Draft 1 by Emily Salter written for 50 Kisses // Matt and Hannah's Valentines date is interrupted when the babysitter calls

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I'm Afraid It's Bad News Draft 3 by Dave Stevenson written for The Impact:50 // A cancer patient has to break the news of the world's end to her unsuspecting doctor.

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I'm screaming inside Draft 3 by Grant Atkins written for The Impact:50 // Should you drug your child before the very end?

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I.R.L. Draft 2 by Liz Holliday written for The Impact:50 // Who needs IRL friends, when there's a whole world out there on-line? But when that world goes away...

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I.S.S. Draft 2 by Paul Sheeky written for The Impact:50 // In space, no-one can hear you swear.

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INDUCTION Draft 4 by Paul Holbrook written for The Impact:50 // A lonely mother-to-be and an inexperienced midwife are the only ones left on a maternity ward.

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INSIDE A SEED BANK Draft 3 by Margaret Folarin written for The Impact:50 // At the moment of impact an elderly botanist - with a life devoted to seed conservation behind him - finds his commitment to plants at variance with that of his colleagues.

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ISS Draft 1 by rick cramer written for The Impact:50 // Astronauts aboard the International space station must decide how to end their own lives after The Impact.

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IT MIGHT JUST COME TRUE Draft 3 by elizabeth strachan written for The Impact:50 // A mum must choose to celebrate life or let her family become victims to death

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IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO BE A MOTHER Draft 3 by Anna Kumacheva written for The Impact:50 // A successful middle-aged woman suddenly realises with whom she wants to spend her last minutes on Earth.

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Id marry you Draft 1 by Abbie-Gail Hewitt written for The Impact:50 // an unconventional wedding during the end of the world.

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Ida's Celebration Draft 2 by Shane Anderson written for The Impact:50 // It's the end of the world. Let's celebrate it. Go out in style. At least that's what 83 year old Ida thinks. And Arthur agrees.

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Identical Draft 3 by Josh Shevill written for Twisted50 // Bob's clones ensure his life runs perfectly but is it possible to have one clone too many?

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If I Die Draft 3 by Emmanuel Casey written for The Impact:50 // A pugnacious geriatric makes a last play for the bed-ridden old ladies of ward 39.

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If Not Now, Then When? Draft 3 by Fiona Hunnisett written for The Impact:50 // Craig's own birthday surprise is more than some can handle.

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If You Are Reading This Then I Am Gone Draft 2 by Melissa Crow written for Twisted50 // There is no stronger bond than your own flesh and blood

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Ignorance Is Bliss Draft 1 by Scott Barrington written for The Impact:50 // Keep Calm And Carry On For The Child's Sake

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Ignorance Is This Draft 4 by Adam Frith written for The Impact:50 // "Only two things are infinte; the universe and human stupidity. And I'm not so sure about the universe" - Albert Einstein

Normal 1010738 10152905631340018 1855481055 n

Ignorance is Bliss Draft 2 by Rob McGarr written for The Impact:50 // Two plucky kids try to keep their parents in the dark so they can enjoy their final moments together.

Normal anh4

Ignorance is Bliss Draft 2 by Adam Hutchison written for The Impact:50 // For once not knowing could be the best way to experience the reality.

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Ignorance is bliss Draft 3 by mark forsyth written for The Impact:50 // These two will probably never know what's going on.

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Immigrant Song Draft 2 by Laurence Storey written for The Impact:50 // In the final night in Hong Kong, one man does what he needs to do, and what needs to be done.

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Immortal Flower Draft 3 by Emmanuel Casey written for The Impact:50 // What if you could be immortal? A young man with tears in his eyes knows the secret...

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Immortality Sucks Draft 1 by Scott Merrow written for The Impact:50 // A perennially hungry man faces eternity -- without a bite to eat.

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b

Impact (Roadhouse) Draft 2 by Phil Swinburne written for The Impact:50 // Party at the End of the World

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Impact: Jail Time Draft 3 by Tom Allaway written for The Impact:50 // What if the end of the world decides a prisoners final day?

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Impactee Draft 1 by Dustin Bowcott written for The Impact:50 // A radio DJ discovers that there are more than two ways to deal with the impact.

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In A Couple Of Hours Draft 2 by Ranjit Krishnamma written for The Impact:50 // Does Granddad need to know?

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In Africa Draft 3 by Abraham van der Vyver written for The Impact:50 // When there's trouble in Africa, the forefathers intervene through the sangoma (witch doctor)

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In Arduis Fidelis Draft 3 by Eric Henderson written for The Impact:50 // An old soldier is faithful to the end

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In Case Of Emergency 2nd Draft Draft 2 by Christopher Hughes written for The Impact:50 // As they have nothing left to loose two men decide to find out what's in the box they have been guarding for years

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In The Know Draft 4 by Leigh Joslin written for The Impact:50 // Information can pass you by

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In The Laboratory Draft 1 by Sergei Ivanov written for The Impact:50 // He knows another terrible news...

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In Too Deep Draft 4 by Dee Chilton written for The Impact:50 // A couple discover they are incompatible when it's too late.

Normal me2015

In Utero Draft 1 by Serenity Edward written for The Impact:50 // Facing inevitable doom, a young woman reclaims her independence and fights to make her peace before all time is lost.

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In Vino Veritas Draft 4 by Kim Wheeler written for The Impact:50 // Perfection is a matter of opinion.

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In the Air Draft 2 by Luke Harding written for The Impact:50 // An airliner co-pilot has to decide whether to keep silent, or to disobey his superior and inform the passengers of impending catastrophe.

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In the Beginning Draft 2 by Rebecca Hardy written for The Impact:50 // Amy and Sophie have to decide what's right for their unborn daughter.

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In the Moment Draft 1 by Daniel Johnson written for The Impact:50 // A group thrown together in the final hours of existence, and no-one can agree on what it all means.

Normal fbpp

In the Presence of Absence Draft 3 by Alex Priestley written for The Impact:50 // A last look at that strange thing we called existence

Normal mark and asha impact

Independence Draft 1 by Asha and Mark Farris written for The Impact:50 // A 30-something mama's boy finally drums up the courage to move out on his own -- before it's too late.

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Independence Day - Draft 2 Draft 2 by Tara Moore written for Twisted50 // Revenge is a dish best served hot!

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Independence Night Draft 2 by Kevin Stein written for The Impact:50 // At the end of the world, Tom declares his independence from love.

Normal dom 3

Inheritance. Draft 4 by Dominic Jones written for The Impact:50 // Harry's having the best day of his life.

Normal 2015 10 29 12.49.56

Initiation Draft 1 by Melissa Crow written for Twisted50 // What goes through your mind when you wake up covered in glass and your feet are at a weird angle?

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Insects Draft 2 by Caroline Slocock written for Twisted50 // It happened in the woodshed

Normal lisaparry

Inside The Piano Shop Draft 3 by Lisa Parry written for The Impact:50 // Away from her husband and children, Jackie embraces her gift once more before the asteroid strikes.

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Interlude in the Quantox Draft 3 by martin gooch written for The Impact:50 // It's perfect, It's Heavenly, It's The End.

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Intervention Draft 2 by Duncan Eastwood written for Twisted50 // We're here to talk about your addiction

Normal k9lrh2 i

Into The Garden Draft 3 by Amy Ellingham written for The Impact:50 // Two generations of women reflect on their unfulfilled dreams as the end nighs

Normal 068

Into the Blue Draft 2 by les grice written for The Impact:50 // A love letter to humanity leaves a man all at sea.

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Into the Woods Draft 4 by Amy Amani written for The Impact:50 // A man and his son on a camping trip are blissfully unaware.

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Intruder Draft 1 by lewis rice written for Twisted50 // Waking up with an intruder in your room

Normal deec1

Iris Draft 3 by Dee Chilton written for 50 Moments // In the end, human connection is what makes life matter.

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Irrational Draft 1 by ahsan kazmi written for The Impact:50 // Because we are...

Normal jess

Irretitus Draft 3 by Jessica Jagdmann written for Twisted50 // What do you do when your worst nightmare comes true?

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Is Bliss Draft 3 by Philip Lawrence written for The Impact:50 // A young couple have the luckiest time of their lives.

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Isolated Draft 2 by Carlos C Tome written for The Impact:50 // Two men in a little antarctic station. One last wish.

Normal 20151118 130950

It Can Happen Draft 3 by Louise Farrell written for The Impact:50 // A stomach upset can change any situation.

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It's A... Draft 1 by Anthony Cawood written for The Impact:50 // A heavily pregnant business woman helps a distraught teen answer one final question before end.

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It's Behind You Draft 4 by Barry Hood written for The Impact:50 // A father and son have a last moment

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It's For You Draft 2 by Paul Reynolds and Adam Frith written for The Impact:50 // The President calls on the special help of a young boy to save the day.

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It's In The Stars Draft 4 by Steve Wrench written for The Impact:50 // A Clairvoyant's future is clearer than she realises.

Normal 2015 08 25 13.53.54

It's Life, Jim, But Not As We Know It Draft 2 by Fiona Leitch written for The Impact:50 // It's the end of the world as we know it - or is it just a blip?

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It's Me (Draft 2) Draft 2 by Riley Madincea written for Twisted50 // Let me in, but don't let me out.

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It's My World Draft 3 by Deborah Nicoll written for The Impact:50 // Two teenagers are oblivious to what is about to happen.

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It's Not Fair! Draft 3 by Nicolas Durand written for The Impact:50 // A man's very own reason to be distraught.

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It's Not what I Planned Draft 3 by Kathryn Hollingworth written for Twisted50 // Joe hadn't planned on being buried in a walnut coffin, but he intends to have fun anyway.

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It's Now or Never Draft 1 by Heidi Willis written for The Impact:50 // Nancy decides to fulfill a long held fantasy. Her mother Joan will NOT approve.

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It's Okay, Larry Draft 2 by Matt Giannini written for The Impact:50 // Colin must sensitively diffuse his friend Larry's denial and fear after they learn of their impending destruction.

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It's Your Funeral (formerly, Not Serious But Grave) Draft 2 by Stuart White written for The Impact:50 // Situation not serious - just grave.

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It's a hoax Draft 4 by Alison Hogge written for The Impact:50 // Thomas, an employee in a Government's archive office, is left to record humanity's key moments on a USB stick, but he's convinced the meteorite is a hoax, which threatens humanity's legacy as dancing cat films...

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It's all for Cider Draft 1 by Gonzalo Chacon Mora written for The Impact:50 // A homeless man who hasn't heard the news enjoys his sudden stroke luck

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It's the Apocalypse, Dummy (previously, Whoops, Apocalypse) Draft 4 by Stuart White written for The Impact:50 // Don't blame him if his acting is a little wooden.

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Itch Draft 3 by Karen Sheard written for Twisted50 // They got under your skin. But that wasn’t the biggest problem, it was how deep they burrowed, and how to get them out when they hatched.

Normal 2015 11 24 17.52.18

Ivy and George Draft 4 by Jacqueline Swift written for The Impact:50 // Ivy cannot face the end, without George.