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Currently there are 52 screenplays submitted to 50 Kisses

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The Team

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Chris Jones // Director

Create50 founder, author, filmmaker and directors of LondonSWF and TEDxEaling

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Judy Goldberg // Co-ordination

Leading the kick ass physical and logistics support team


Screenplays beginning with the letter H

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H.2.Oh Draft 4 by Dee Chilton written for The Impact:50 // A young girl reassures her mother that life will go on.

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HAJU Draft 1 by Mark Husbands written for The Impact:50 // An abandoned refugee girl has to scavenge to feed herself and her aunt.

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HAPPILY NEVER AFTER Draft 4 by Bob Canning written for The Impact:50 // An ex-hooker and a registered sex offender make the best of the time they have together.

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HER FAVOURITE BLUE SCARF Draft 2 by Terry Comer written for Twisted50 // it was her favourite but it had to go.

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HERE'S TO THE END OF THE WORLD Draft 2 by Anne Rodriguez written for The Impact:50 // Two men from very different backgrounds contemplate the lives they are leaving behind.

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HERO Draft 2 by Sam Hooper written for The Impact:50 // Hope comes in small packages

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HIDDEN DEPTHS Draft 3 by Barry Staff written for The Impact:50 // What can you possibly do when you're in way out of your depth?

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HOME DELIVERY Draft 1 by Terry Comer written for Twisted50 // Sugar and spice and all things nice.

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HURTING INSIDE Draft 4 by Bob Canning written for The Impact:50 // Only a mother's love can end the hurt inside.

Normal anna taborska

Haggis Queen Draft 2 by Anna Taborska written for Twisted50 // There's something in the kitchen.

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Hairs Draft 3 by Philip Trickett written for Twisted50 // A woman's work is never done, especially with a family like this one.

Normal tv noir sjw

Half Life Draft 3 by Terry Victor written for The Impact:50 // A life cut short can never reach the end.

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Halfway Up the Stairs Draft 3 by Rod Arthur written for The Impact:50 // A youngster is missing.

Normal emma heath

Hamelin Draft 3 by Emma Heath written for The Impact:50 // When, lo, as they reached the mountain-side, a wonderous portal opened wide...

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Hammer House Draft 2 by Fiona Leitch written for Twisted50 // They bought the house of their dreams, but it turned into a nightmare...

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Handle with care Draft 2 by Marianne Bonugli written for The Impact:50 // We're all gonna die but some of us get to choose the end for our loved ones.

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Hands Draft 1 by Phil Town written for Twisted50 // She loved his hands.

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Hands Free Draft 2 by Terry Concannon written for Twisted50 // Could mobile phones be more dangerous than you think?

Normal 2015 08 13 17.47.39 4

Happily Ever Laughter Draft 2 by Tracey Parsons written for The Impact:50 // Parents all around the world turn to the power of storytelling. And when that's been exhausted, tickling takes over.

Normal lsaunders3lores

Happy Birthday, Kyle Draft 1 by Laurence Saunders written for The Impact:50 // It's the end of the world and a desperate mother is determined to make her five year old son's birthday the best day ever

Normal veramark

Happy Birthday, Mum draft 3 Draft 3 by Vera Mark written for The Impact:50 // A woman struggles to put aside personal hurt in order to reconnect with her mother.

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Happy Father's Day Draft 2 by Itumeleng Molefi written for The Impact:50 // Anyone can conceive a child, but we all need to choose to be a parent.

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Happy Now Draft 3 by Kristina Day written for The Impact:50 // An elderly lady finally breaks with convention

Normal me4

Harry and George (draft #3) Draft 2 by Michael Burry written for The Impact:50 // City gents, Harry and George, prepare to die...

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Harry's Last Story Draft 1 by Geoff Bagwell written for Twisted50 // Allie's nasty surprise

Normal imag0207

Hate You Too Draft 2 by Anne Frazer written for The Impact:50 // Love rives a couple apart.

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Have a Nice Apocalypse Draft 2 by Ashley Robak written for The Impact:50 // A father braves the supermarket to get his daughter a birthday present.

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Having the Last Word Draft 2 by Richard Edwards written for The Impact:50 // A biddable husband, eager to strike a blow in a long running dispute with a neighbour, is unaware that his wife has prepared a surprise that, as always, will give her the last word.

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He Took His Time Draft 1 by Oscar Harding written for The Impact:50 // In a remote part of the world, a priest reconnects with one of his deaf parishioners

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He Who Is Without Sin Draft 2 by Kerry Dye written for The Impact:50 // As the end nears, a man in desperate need of absolution.

Normal mail

Head Farm Draft 3 by Terry Concannon written for Twisted50 // A moment of urban myth horror in a busy restaurant

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Head start Draft 2 by lewis rice written for The Impact:50 // Two enemies spend their last moments together.

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Hear Me Please Draft 3 by Adam Frith written for The Impact:50 // Some great stories go untold.

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Heaven Knows Draft 2 by Stuart White written for The Impact:50 // Are YOU sure?

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Heebie-Jeebies Draft 3 by Milethia Thomas written for Twisted50 // Elizabeth Mortimer, ghost, has the heebie-jeebies and wants rid of them.

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Helen Draft 3 by Paul Clarke written for The Impact:50 // Sometimes the best people come in broken packages.

Normal bempton cliffs jill s camera  092 1  1000px wide

Hell Draft 2 by Patrick Skelton written for Twisted50 // When nowhere is safe...

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Hell Hath No Fury Draft 2 by Caroline Knudsen written for Twisted50 // A night of debauchery and desire turns deadly

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Hello Draft 2 by Kim Wheeler written for The Impact:50 // When pushed for time, one word fits all.

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Hello & Goodbye Draft 3 by Ryan Harris written for The Impact:50 // Connection established, how would you say goodbye?

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Hello Darkness Draft 2 by Richard Paul Wheildon written for Twisted50 // sometimes you need someone at the end...even if they are not real.

Normal photo of joyce lee

Hello, Love Draft 2 by Joyce Lee written for The Impact:50 // A canterkous and lonely farmer caring for his sheep is forced to face up to his mortality.

Normal 2014 02 11 15.23.37

Helper by Steven Quantick Draft 3 by Steven Quantick written for Twisted50 // Helping the living becomes a thankless task, but how noble is helping the dead?

Normal poz watson

Her Favourite Place Draft 3 by Poz Watson written for The Impact:50 // A single mother takes her daughter to the park

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Her and Him Draft 1 by Chris Mueller written for 50 Kisses // Cupid, omnipotent and bored, sets up two mismatched partygoers.

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Herbert & Dunton Draft 4 by Paul Holbrook written for The Impact:50 // A long suffering homeless man and his loyal dog find perfect contentment as they await the inevitable.

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Hereos Draft 1 by Billie-Jean Chappell written for The Impact:50 // 3 kids, a home-made weapon, and a date with destiny!

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Heroes Never Die Draft 2 by Ian Martin written for The Impact:50 // A young boy talks to an elderly war veteran in hospital and discovers they have more in common than he first thought.

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Heroism and Cowardice Draft 2 by Alan Evans written for The Impact:50 // Two aid workers hide during a terrorist attack.

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Hexford Place Draft 4 by Matt Brown written for Twisted50 // The family of a man, killed for being a suspected murderer, start to experience unsettling occurrences in the family home. But is there more to the apparent activity than meets the eye?

Normal tc1

Hey Siri Draft 2 by Anthony Cawood written for The Impact:50 // A tech obsessed salesman is informed of the imminent event by his son's school's text message.

Normal dscf5164

Hibernation Draft 4 by Ben Marshall written for The Impact:50 // A young girl buries her teddies as her daddy explains what will happen during hibernation

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Hidden Truths Draft 1 by Helen Dowson written for The Impact:50 // A mother and father argue over whether to tell their children the world is ending.

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High Endings Draft 2 by Emily Clift written for The Impact:50 // Three best friends get high for the last time.

Normal paulsheeky

High Score Draft 3 by Paul Sheeky written for The Impact:50 // Some things are more important than the end of the world

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Him Draft 3 by Darin Roberts written for The Impact:50 // A last gift from husband to wife - The Truth.

Normal myself

Hippocratic Oath Draft 2 by Matthew Hirons written for The Impact:50 // An experienced doctor faces a moral dilemma having heard the news of the impending apocalypse.

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His Brother's Keeper Draft 3 by Adam Johnston written for The Impact:50 // Does the trumpet sound allow the past to be forgiven?

Normal 100 0584

Hobnobbing Draft 2 by Stuart White written for The Impact:50 // Well, this takes the biscuit.

Normal behind the house  2

Hoist Draft 2 by Jennifer Wilkinson written for Twisted50 // An imaginative babysitter is hoist by her own petard.

Normal me

Hold my Hand Draft 3 by Chris Macca written for The Impact:50 // From the ashes of death, life will rise again & again..

Normal jules

Holding The Fort Draft 4 by Julien Willis written for The Impact:50 // A young newscaster reports on the last story, until the end.

Normal cmykungxaaapbil

Hole Draft 1 by Duncan Gates written for Twisted50 // From the depths of the soul...

Normal image

Holed Up Draft 3 by Alison Clapham written for The Impact:50 // A young woman ponders fate in a cupboard with her dog

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Hollywood Hills Draft 3 by Michael E. Berg written for The Impact:50 // The hills are alive with the sound of boinking!

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Holy Family Draft 2 by john mole written for The Impact:50 // An archbishop plans the last mass but plans not to be there.

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Holy Galloo Draft 4 by David Ward written for The Impact:50 // How a Gorilla deals with death

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Home Draft 1 by Richard Hajdu written for The Impact:50 // Minutes before the End (?), locked up in the basement a father must find a way to calm his frightened little daughter.

Normal 10494916 667468963340389 931788891304148999 o

Home Is Where The Heart Is Draft 2 by Lisa McKeown written for The Impact:50 // Ignorance bliss or a gift

Normal img 1439

Home Sweet Home Draft 2 by Nick Yates written for Twisted50 // Sometimes nature is the best medicine.

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Honey & Almond Milk Draft 2 by James Brennan written for Twisted50 // Only the sweetest of smells can conjure up the wickedest of thoughts.

Normal image

Honeymoon Draft 1 by Karen Kay written for The Impact:50 // Despite impending doom, newlyweds celebrate their love.

Normal 3106 4x6cm 300dpi

Honeymoon's Over, Darling (Draft 2) Draft 2 by Andrew McPhail written for The Impact:50 // Denial. Depression. Anger. Behavior patterns of the terminally ill. But when their marriage is given a death sentence in the middle of their honeymoon, it's enough to push Luke & Becky over the edge.

Normal me4

Hooking Up Draft 2 by Michael Burry written for Twisted50 // These are not your typical star crossed lovers...

Normal img020

Hope Draft 2 by Larry Diamond written for The Impact:50 // A young man,despite end of world prediction,finds hope for life, in being forced to choose between, either the death of his wife, or his unborn child.

Normal harold lloyd

Hope Draft 1 by Simon Foster written for The Impact:50 // A dog seraches through damaged buildings and rubble. On a mission.

Normal poz watson

Hope Draft 3 by Poz Watson written for The Impact:50 // A woman gets in contact with the one who got away

Normal 1505615 10152951446693612 5106759849076908129 n

Hope Draft 2 by Bill Taylor written for The Impact:50 // Even in times of darkness, life refuses to be denied

Normal 068

Hope is a good thing? - The directors cut Draft 2 by les grice written for The Impact:50 // The end of the world isn't all its cracked up to be...

Normal mijn profielfoto

Horror in the cave. Draft 3 by ANNIE DE MUYNCK written for The Impact:50 // A girl follows her boyfriend who wants to hide in a cave. Not only she finds a locket telling a different story about him, but also a nasty thief follows them

Normal photo on 2011 08 12 at 17.54  2

Hostage Situation Draft 1 by Jesse Little written for The Impact:50 // A bungled armed robbery and hostage situation becomes suddenly unimportant to two of the three participants.

Normal img 8147

Hotel Pyongyang Draft 1 by Andrew Duguid written for Twisted50 // Mysterious Trading In North Korea

Normal biog  1

Hour of Our Death Draft 3 by Mary Anstey written for The Impact:50 // They Died in sin.

Normal jonathan skinner pic

Houston, You Have A Problem Draft 2 by Jonathan Skinner written for The Impact:50 // When planet Earth is doomed, the safest place to be is 130 miles above it.

Normal img 0172

How Great Thou Art Draft 2 by Sally Brockway written for The Impact:50 // A vicar leads his congregation in song as the end approaches.

Normal paulsheeky

How Will It Happen? Draft 4 by Paul Sheeky written for The Impact:50 // A couple decide to make the end easier on their children

Normal rcp 7987 bw

How long before I die - 2nd draft Draft 1 by Mark Heywood written for 50 Moments // When one brother agrees to help another, his misunderstanding speaks volumes.

Normal sergei eisenstein editing film october

How to Build an Army Draft 1 by K. Lou Linderholm written for Twisted50 // A dark little rhyme.

Normal screenshot 2015 08 18 17.38.53  2

How to Unwind Before the Apocalypse (in three acts) Draft 3 by Dawn Johnston written for The Impact:50 // A woman finds herself alone for the end of the world and tries to ease her impending panic.

Normal img 4997

Hug Draft 3 by Helen Duggan-Taylor written for The Impact:50 // One woman spends her last few moments with her most faithful friend

Normal img 0504

Hugo Sleepytime Draft 2 Draft 2 by Justin Carr written for The Impact:50 // Amanda frantically searches for her little sister's best friend, Hugo, but time is running out as the wall of fire approaches...

Normal  39v1033   copy  2

Human Magnet Draft 1 by Margaret Folarin written for The Impact:50 // Minutes before the blast wave a mother, battered and exhausted by her journey home on foot, struggles to climb the stairs to her baby..

Normal zvpxa2z4 400x400

Human Resources Draft 3 by Kerry Dye written for The Impact:50 // In a deserted office, two people find a way to survive the end of the world.

Normal image

Human chain Draft 3 by Kooi Glendinning written for The Impact:50 // A woman stranded in London conveys a message for solidarity

Normal untitled

Hush Draft 1 by TRAVIS SEPPALA written for The Impact:50 // A deaf couple spend their last moments together.